Current Portfolio-13 Year Track Record


Sacola                   182%

TSX                           76%

DJIA                          97%

S&P 500                   107%

Past trades total 29 wins and 3 losses with an average gain of 34%. The average holding period was 2.3 years.

What is the Sacola Financial Newsletter?

An investment in your financial well-being.  The investment advisory offers a portfolio that has outperformed all of North America's stock markets since the first issue. The publication also offers an economic and stock market commentary useful in management and education.   

Why invest in the Publication and who is the product's market?
The newsletter is relevant to all investors. If you are looking to grow or preserve your capital, Sacola is the perfect investment tool for you. The publication has a proven track-record and does not partner with any third party. Specifically, Sacola receives no remuneration for recommendations guaranteeing the reader a 100% unbiased and client focused investment.