Current Portfolio-13 Year Track Record


Sacola                   182%

TSX                           76%

DJIA                          97%

S&P 500                   107%

Past trades total 29 wins and 3 losses with an average gain of 34%. The average holding period was 2.3 years.

Track Record

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    Thirteen Year Track Record

    February 28, 2016 marked the end of Sacola’s 13th year and the Sacola Strategy continues to outperform all of our benchmarks. Specifically, the average return for our current recommendations was 182% (21.8% per year), over an average holding period of eight years. Our past trades realized a 34% return over 2.3 years, on average. Of the securities we have recommended, we have realized three losses by selling, and have an additional two that remain on our books. Overall, we have an 88% success rate at picking stocks.